How to redeem gear packs on Xbox or PC

Merely, entering a can code on the site DOES NOT automatically unlock your in-game content. You still need to Redeem the Xbox unlock redemption code within your Xbox Live account. Please follow the steps below:


  1. After successfully entering a can code, the unlocked gears pack will be displayed in your “My Stuff” page.
  2. Then, select the green “Redeem” button starting 9/1, which will launch the Microsoft Live Account login page *make sure your pop-up blocking is disabled for our site
  3. Once you log into your Xbox Live account, you will be prompted to confirm the Credit Redemption.
  4. You will then be forwarded to your Unlocked Content within your Xbox Live account.
  5. It can take several minutes to update and show up on your Xbox game console or PC, so please be patient!
  6. Additionally, you can also manually enter your unique in-game content code inside the Gears 5 game, or through your Xbox Live account. 


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